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Sell Your Vintage Football Shirts

Found some classics in the attic? Thinning out your collection? We work with individuals, businesses, & collectors across the globe who are looking to sell their football shirts for a fair price. 


What shirts do we look for, ideally?

Our store focuses primarily on vintage shirts, so shirts from the period before 2000 (1990's, 1980's, 1970's etc.) are preferred. We do also buy early-00's shirts & sometimes more modern shirts, but only if they are particularly rare. 

We also focus our stock on the rarest, & most sought-after football shirts, so if you think your shirts fall into this category, it is likely we will offer you great prices for these shirts.

However, we are happy to take a look at all football shirts.

It's easy selling your football shirts with us, just send pictures of your shirts via one of the following methods, and we can discuss:

Instagram: @retrofootballshirtstore_

Twitter: @retroshirtstore

WhatsApp: +447769 261248

Email: it is easier to send pictures via the above methods)

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